NHL Rumors: Jason Robertson and the Dallas Stars

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Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the 32 Thoughts podcast about Dallas Stars restricted free agent forward Jason Robertson.

** NHLrumors.com Transcript

“Until I’m wrong, I guess it’s around the Pettersson, Barzal area, three times $7 million.

I just don’t think they have the ability to get this deal done in the long term. If they couldn’t make Oettinger for the term, then they certainly can’t make Robertson for the term, I don’t think. Unless there’s another move coming up there that I don’t see right now, I wouldn’t expect Robertson to be out for a term right now.

I guess we’re just around the three to seven range (three years to $7 million). »


“When you look at the ceiling space, it’s going to put them against him no matter what’s going on here. But I think if you go higher than , you’re going to have to move a body.

Someone told me he wouldn’t be surprised if Robertson’s camp used Kirill Kaprizov as a comparator, and that’s , and that’s a scary number.


“It’s been five years.”


“It should be, absolutely.”


“But it’s a five-year contract. I do not do it. They can’t do that now. Unless someone leaves.


“And right now I think if it’s one or the other, they can still do it without having to move a body. I think anything higher than that Friedge, they should move somebody. ‘a.


“I think it’s going to happen about three times seven times. My guess.

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