Oracle, formerly in Bay Area, reportedly undergoing layoffs

Oracle, formerly in Bay Area, reportedly undergoing layoffs

Oracle, one of the pillars technology giants headquartered in Silicon Valley until recentlywould have suffered massive layoffs.

The news reported that Bay Area employees are among those to be fired on monday. Details surrounding the layoffs – how many workers, which departments are targeted and in which locations – remain scarce.

Based on posts on LinkedIn and anonymous forum The layoff, Monday’s layoffs appear to largely affect employees in Oracle’s customer experience division. The division’s flagship product is Oracle CX Cloud, a suite of products that is somewhat of a competitor to Salesforce’s Sales Cloud tool.

Oracle discussed a possible $1 billion cut in spending, The information reported in July, and proposed to lay off thousands of employees. Monday’s layoffs are likely to be among those proposed cost-cutting measures.

Layoffs are also expected to take place in Canada, India and Europe, according to the report, although the timeframe for notifying employees is unclear.

Oracle is just one of many tech companies hit by larger economic headwinds, despite being one of the largest to announce corporate layoffs. Last week, Meta reported in a company earnings call that Facebook suffered its first-ever annual revenue loss since its IPO, while Google hiring on hiatus and reported a slowdown in revenue over the past two weeks. A slew of Bay Area startups have also been forced into layoffs.

A representative for Oracle did not immediately respond to a request for comment from SFGATE.

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