Pat Toomey Bashes Jon Stewart, Defends PACT Act Delay

Pat Toomey Bashes Jon Stewart, Defends PACT Act Delay

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) took a not-so-veiled shot at Jon Stewart over criticism he received for delaying a bill to provide health care to those who suffered from exposure to toxic burn outbreaks.

Toomey and several of his fellow Republicans have come under critical in recent days for blocking the PACT Act, a law intended to provide benefits to 9/11 veterans and first responders who were exposed to burning toxic chemicals. Stewart was to the best protests against the bill’s delay, and in a Sunday interview with CNN’s Jake TaperToomey was asked to justify his position to those who suffered without these health benefits.

Toomey started by brushing aside the “trick” of taking a bunch of nice people and making them the face of a bill like the PACT Act. He accused the bill’s supporters of trying to “sneak into something completely unrelated that they know they could never pass on to each other and dare Republicans to do anything about it because ‘ they know they’ll free their allies in the media, and maybe some pseudo-celebrity.” to invent false accusations to try to make us swallow what shouldn’t be there.

Toomey went on to say that he was denied the opportunity to make changes to the bill and that “Republicans do not oppose any substance of the PACT Act.” He further accused Democrats of attempting to launch “an unrelated $400 billion spending spree that has nothing to do with veterans and will not be in the veterans’ space.”

The interview continued with Toomey reaffirming his demand for a vote on the amendments proposed by him and his GOP colleagues. Tapper also asked him about his claim that the bill is a “budget trick” when the legislation requires his funding to be used for health care for veterans who suffered from exposure to the pit. burn.

His answer :

That’s why they do this stuff, Jake, because it gets very deep in the weeds and very confusing for people very quickly. It’s not really veterans’ spending. The issue is in what government accounting category veterans’ expenditures are placed. My change, honest people agree, will have no impact on the amount of money or the circumstances under which veterans’ money is spent. But what I want to do is treat it for government accounting purposes like we’ve always treated it for government accounting purposes, because if we change it the way the Democrats want it, it will create room – in future budgets – for 400 billion dollars of completely independent superfluous expenditure on other subjects. That’s what I want to prevent.

Watch above, via CNN.

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