People With ADHD Are Struggling To Get Adderall Amid A Shortage And TikTok Stigma Is Not Helping

The reason for the shortage is multiple. A spokesperson for Teva Pharmaceuticals, the largest maker of Adderall in the United States, told Bloomberg News that packaging problems at a manufacturing plant could disrupt production until the fall. The company did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.

Adderall prescriptions rose from 3 million per month in September 2019 (at the start of the reported shortage) to 3.5 million in December 2020, according to a report by health data company IQVIA, quoted by several press articles. Additionally, the Drug Enforcement Administration decreases how much Adderall can be sold in the United States per year from 50,000 kilograms (in 2016) to 41,2000 kilograms (in 2022) because he said the drug was abused for cognitive enhancement and recreation, according to a 2022 Los Angeles Review report.

These changes have created a nightmarish situation for those in need.

In a statement to Bloomberg, a spokesperson for Teva Pharmaceuticals attributed the increased demand for Adderall to an increase in the number of telemental health providers. Companies such as Cerebral, which have become popular during the pandemic as an alternative to in-office therapy visits, have touted themselves as offering easier access to ADHD medication – but have come under heavy criticism for overprescription, underqualified staff who offer diagnoses too quicklyand misleading social media ads on the diagnosis that has led some pharmacies to reject orders of the mental health provider. Cerebral announcement he would stop prescribing Adderall in May 2022.

However, for many people, getting an ADHD diagnosis from a doctor in person often came with long waiting times and emotionally intense dates. Telehealth has presented a way around these difficulties, but some medical experts have condemned virtual practices for diagnosing ADHD and providing medication too quickly. Patients, however, are grateful to finally be able to access care.

“There are many vendors, startups, and conversations online that focus more on the profitability, misuse, and danger of using Adderall than the life-altering consequences of losing access to something important. ‘as important,’ Dylan Austin, a writer who was diagnosed with ADHD at the start of the pandemic, told BuzzFeed News.

In addition to access to telehealth and a increased distractions from home work and education, the boom in pandemic ADHD diagnoses is also attributed to a spike in TikTok posts about the condition. With more information on the state readily available, more people were able to acknowledge it in themselves, foster community, and speak openly about their struggles. But disinformation on ADHD symptoms are spreading just as quickly on TikTok, and according to Mashableplayed a role in trivializing the condition by passing it off as a social media trend.

It also doesn’t help that the drugs used to manage ADHD symptoms are so stigmatized. Adderall and other stimulants have a high potential for abuse and addictionwhich can encourage doctors more reluctant to prescribe them. Even when people have a prescription, the surge in demand across the country has come up against DEA-imposed limits on the production of Adderall, making it difficult to obtain.

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