Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Her New Gloria Vanderbilt Campaign and Her Focus on Giving Back

Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Her New Gloria Vanderbilt Campaign and Her Focus on Giving Back

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is very picky about the companies she will work with. The actress, author and philanthropist is a longtime UNICEF ambassador, works with Max Factor and created her own hair care brand, Anomaly, which is free of harmful chemicals and packaged in recycled bottles.

And on August 1, she will be officially unveiled as the new face of Gloria Vanderbilt.

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Chopra Jonas is the first celebrity to face a Gloria Vanderbilt Campaign since the late 90s, when Helena Christensen held this position. It will be featured in a multimedia marketing initiative that will include digital, social media, outdoor and in-store components.

The campaign aims to inspire women to stand up for what they want and will highlight the Amanda jean, which was one of the original fits developed by the brand.

“Whenever I work with a brand, it’s very important for me to understand what we have in common,” said Chopra Jonas. “What I love about Gloria Vanderbilt is that it was built by a woman specifically for our bodies, our curves. I really love the campaign – I have needs. Adjust them. — because it goes against the norm that women have to constantly conform to people’s needs. This incredible campaign encourages women and inspires them to be themselves – and I think that’s a really important thing, especially coming out of the pandemic.

Chopra Jonas, who is married to Nick Jonas and has a daughter, Malti Marie, born this spring, has a lot of irons in the fire. In addition to her work with Gloria Vanderbilt, Max Factor and Anomaly, she and her husband recently invested in high-end skiwear brand, Perfect Moment.

“When it comes to my hair care line, Anomaly, the idea was to democratize beauty and make sure everyone gets great products that don’t hurt your wallet or the environment. These are things that were really important to me,” she said.

“With Max Factor, the brand is all about inclusivity, and it’s a legacy brand like Gloria Vanderbilt. I love partnering with brands that are pioneers in their field and leaders in their categories.

The actress and entrepreneur has been the first face of the brand since the 90s.

The actress and entrepreneur has been the first face of the brand since the 90s.

For Perfect Moment, she says, the goal is to introduce the brand to a wider audience.

“The idea of ​​associating with a public figure is to be able to magnify what the brand stands for,” she said. “So that was the intention of our association as investors and advisers.”

The investment marks the first fashion brand the couple has invested in, although Nick Jonas has a tequila line with designer John Varvatos. Chopra Jonas said the idea to get involved with Perfect Moment came from “love for the brand. My husband is a snowboard enthusiast, I’m more of an après-ski type girl. I like to wear my clothes winter and snowmobiling more than skiing. But for people who love adventure and sports and are just outdoors and in nature, this is a great brand. We decided to go with it. investing so that people who hadn’t heard of the brand hear about it and we can hopefully be part of the upward trajectory of this company. And… that’s something that I find really exciting to do in my businesses.

Although she said there are no immediate plans to invest in other fashion brands, “creating, founding and partnering with really interesting brands” remains “a high priority” for her. she. “And at the same time, I produce content for different mediums: TV, films, streaming, etc. But when it comes to fashion, never say never,” she said.

As a successful actress and the wife of an equally well-known entertainer, Chopra Jonas is often in the public eye and strives to “always look presentable and well turned out.”

Often his uniform is blue jeans and a white shirt – an outfit that can be dressed up with a pair of heels, “earrings and fun accessories” for going out to dinner, with a blazer for a business meeting, or just sneakers for running errands. “My personal style is comfortable,” she said.

But when she steps out on the red carpet, she ups the ante.

“I love red carpets because I think it’s really fun to collaborate with amazing people who are experts in their field to create something that stands out for a moment – that’s the beauty of an outfit. red carpet, you’re wearing it for this moment,” she said.

Although she didn’t name any particular designer as a favourite, Chopra Jonas said whatever choice she wears, “I really have to feel comfortable and confident in whatever I wear,” said she declared. “It goes into everything I wear. They say clothes do the man-slash-woman, and whether it’s a red carpet or jeans and a T-shirt, I think you just have to look your best in your outfit.

The campaign will include a social media component.

The campaign will include a social media component.

Feeling better is also something Chopra Jonas experiences during her work with UNICEF and the other causes she has taken up in her life.

“As my mother used to tell me, no matter how bad you are in your life, there will be someone else who will be worse than you. So remembering that, even in your bad times, makes you empathic, and that empathy should permeate everything you do,” she said. “That’s how I try to live my life – trying to be a good person all day, having big intentions, working with the best people and then giving back to the community.”

Working with UNICEF, she said, has been “the greatest privilege of my life”.

“We have been partners for almost 15 years now. And just being able to magnify the message of what UNICEF is doing for children around the world who are being forgotten is honestly the best thing I’ve ever had the ability to do. When I talk about the causes that are closest to my heart, I think the future of children is something that has always been an important part of my life because they are the future of the world. They will inherit the world from us. And we really have to think about the world that we’re going to give to our children,” she said.

Beyond her philanthropic causes and business ventures, Chopra Jonas is also working on a few film projects. The first is a Sony Pictures project called “Text for You” starring Keanu Reeves and Celine Dion which will be released next year, she said. “It’s a really fun romantic comedy and Celine Dion’s very first acting role, which is exciting. And it’s just a super fun movie. It’s a Valentine’s Day outing. It’s all about of love and the things we all love in love.

“Then I have the exact opposite of that – a Russo Brothers spy show for Amazon Prime with Richard Madden and Stanley Tucci. It’s called Citadel and it’s really going to be amazing. It was a lot of work. I have a lot of scars to prove it,” she continued, adding that she had “a lot of other things in development as a producer and as an actress.”

But the first is the Gloria Vanderbilt campaign. Although Chopra Jonas is featured in advertising and marketing materials, she was not involved in the design of the collection.

“There really isn’t much you can do for a brand that has met almost every woman’s need,” she said. “It is inclusive of sizes. It is inclusive of people. You never know what the future holds, but I really don’t know what else I need to bring other than my hips at this point.

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