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Leslie Odom Jr. reveals who the best detective is in ‘Knives Out 2’

Benoit Blanc is on the case.

In the teaser of Rian Johnsonthe new movie Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheadsthe Southern detective, played by Daniel Craig, takes center stage for another thriller, this time in Greece. “You expected a mystery,” he says as puzzle scenes appear in the teaser. “You expected a puzzle. But for a person on this island, it’s not a game.”

This cryptic statement adds to the tension felt by all the guests, but the director says the making of the film wasn’t as anxiety-inducing as the trailer suggests. “A big part of the reason I love making them so much is that they bring me intense joy,” Rian told Netflix. tudum. “Working with Daniel in this genre and having fun with him and the humor, working with a new group of actors every time, all of that just makes me happy.”

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