Robotic Technology Trending In Spanish Logistics Hubs

Robotic Technology Trending In Spanish Logistics Hubs

The ace New technologies have been a great help for the efficiency and competitiveness of global logistics centersAdditionally, if these devices are connected The rise of roboticsThe results are even greater and the profitability establishes more than excellent results.

This is how the company understands it packrecently furnished robotic technology In one of its distribution centers located in the Madrid city of San Fernando de Henares. The center, built on a plot of more than 27,000 square meters, has no less than 270 robots.

The robotic technology of this platform works in two heightss: on the upper floor, they are responsible for Sorting parcels by destinationwhich means an increase in the quantity of ordered orders, while in the basic factory, they are in charge of route assignment,

In this way it is possible to treat in one place, Last mile shipping and cross-docking at the same timeThis new system allows Distribution Center Ensures Nearly 100% Accuracy in Order FulfillmentManage up to 10,000 packages per hour.

it is The distribution center acts as a logistics brainfacilitate the work of workers To come down In addition, it manages to manage a large amount of packages with great precision, thanks to process automation,

The ace Robotic applications make it possible to trace the location of each parcel at all times, even within the same distribution centerand represent an increase in service productivity and efficiency by eliminating misclassifications.

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