Ronda Rousey Turns Heel After Losing to Liv Morgan at WWE SummerSlam

Ronda Rousey Turns Heel After Losing to Liv Morgan at WWE SummerSlam

After The Usos and The Street Profits squared off for the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships, it was time for the SmackDown Women’s Championship clash between Champion Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey. At first, Rousey was in control, dishing out armbars left and right, but Morgan kept finding ways to survive and break holds or counter them. This was starting to frustrate Rousey a bit, but she kept the heat on Morgan, despite not planning to counter any of her armbars, as Morgan spun her around and pinned her shoulders to the mat. for the 3 count. Unfortunately, she tapped before the 3 count, but the ref didn’t spot it, so Morgan kept. It led to a highly anticipated heel turn from Rousey, and you can get the full breakdown below.

Morgan was the aggressor but Rousey knocked her down and knocked her down. Strikes followed but Morgan south some space and then dodged Rousey, but Rousey hit a running knee then went for an ankle lock. She dumped Morgan and sent for cover but Morgan kicked out. Morgan hit a flurry of kicks, but then Rousey hit a kick to the stomach and then picked her up, but Morgan hit a code breaker and knocked her down. Rousey turned her around and went for the armband but Morgan blocked.

They traded holds but Morgan blocked another armbar and then Morgan hit a submission. Ronda tried to counter but Morgan countered then went for cover. Morgan continued to be resilient and propelled through another submission, crashing through the ropes. Then Rousey took over the armbar and Morgan got stuck in the ring, but Morgan once again turned her around and reached the ropes, breaking the hold.

Referees check to see if she can still compete and Morgan says she wants to continue. Once again Rousey went for the armbar but Morgan put Rousey’s shoulders on the mat and the referee called it for a 3 count and Morgan won the match to keep. The replay showed that Morgan had indeed tapped out at 2 and a half, but the ref didn’t spot him.

After the match, Rousey went ballistic, turning Morgan over and locking in another armbar. Then, when the officials intervened, Rousey tossed them and slammed them onto the mat. She was outraged, then more officials came to the ring, and it sure looks like we’ve now completely turned heel for Rousey.

As for what’s next, maybe she’ll head to Raw to start taking on the now-babyface Becky Lynch, though she could also pick up Morgan, who she now has a legit beef with. We will have to wait and see.

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