Sevilla claim Chelsea pulled out of Jules Koundé deal after developing ‘doubts’

Sevilla claim Chelsea pulled out of Jules Koundé deal after developing ‘doubts’

It wasn’t so much a stare as Chelsea who had their doubts, claims Sevilla sporting director Monchi in an interview / PR-exercise which tells their version of the Jules Koundé saga, which ended (or is about to end) with the signing of the 23-year-old from Barcelona after nearly signing for Chelsea this summer and last, and for Manchester City the summer before.

While it smacks of Monchi and his club trying to save face after once again bolstering a rival in the division, if we take it at face value it also appears that Chelsea have developed real doubts as to whether Koundé is someone we really need. Whether it’s in the light of giving someone else the opportunity – Colwill? Azpilicueta? – or having a different transfer goal in mind – please say Škriniar, please say Škriniar – I guess we’ll just have to wait and see to find out.

It’s a long interviewbut here’s the relevant stuff:

“There were more suitors in Koundé at the start of the market than at the end, and above all, the one who remained was Chelsea, who last month kept us busy and negotiated to the point that last Thursday we reached a verbal agreement and the player too.

“Football never ceases to amaze you. Chelsea began to have doubts and withdrew. They had no doubts about the quality of Jules but about his place in the squad.

“Everything stopped at the weekend, then Barcelona appeared. It’s important to mention it, but the first time Alemany got in touch was on Monday. He showed his interest in signing Koundé.

“We received a lower offer than what we had in mind, but we renegotiated with them and reached an agreement for a club record sale” […] It was a very good offer, and without payments to intermediaries. Like it or not, the market sets the guidelines and dictates the prices. The offers we received two years ago from Manchester City, last year from Chelsea and this year from Manchester City and Barcelona were for the same amount.


“Thursday evening, Koundé was “sold” to Chelsea, for a sum accepted by all parties. They began to have doubts and withdrew. Due to situations that sometimes arise, no matter how long you have been in this world, there was a move at Chelsea that made them doubt if they needed a player with Koundé’s profile.

“They waited a bit and that wait lasted until Barcelona appeared. Chelsea came back, but Barcelona’s offer was better. When you have two options on the table, you play with them and the player was happy to go to Barcelona, ​​with better conditions for our club.

-Monchi; The source: Sevilla FC

I still wish them nothing but slow Wi-Fi and itchy feet.

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