Six celebrities you didn’t know hailed from The Woodlands

THE WOODLANDS, TX – Among Houston’s suburbs, one of Texas’ treasures resides like none other than The Woodlands Township. Home to a population of nearly 120,000 and growing, The Woodlands is best known for its nature, park trails, hospitality and much more. Between lively restaurants and concerts at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, it’s also considered one of the most desirable places to live in the United States.

Who to keep your eyes peeled for when you’re on the go

Just as many of The Woodlands’ business and commercial treasures are hidden by the trees, so are some remarkable light fixtures hidden away in the bustle of Montgomery County. In fact, you might be surprised to find out who’s from here. Home to musicians, athletes, entertainment personalities and more, here’s a list we’ve put together of six people you didn’t know were in The Woodlands. To kick off that list, here’s our countdown, recapping some people you should know.

Peter McPoland
Signed to Columbia Records, Peter McPoland is a performing artist specializing in alternative/indie style music. Growing up in Vermont, it wasn’t until he was seven years old that he moved to Texas.

In his early teens he developed a love and skill for the guitar – performing in competitions throughout his studies at The Woodlands High School. A 2019 graduate, he took an active role in the school’s drama club – further being described by teachers as an ‘outgoing student’.

During one story, he had brought his guitar to play as part of a journalism class presentation project. Since then, Peter has amassed almost 1,500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify – and has an internet presence with over 500,000 followers on Tiktok. His most popular song to date was released in 2020 with the title “Romeo and Juliet”.

Laura Wilkinson
Laura Wilkinson has been a household name in recent Olympics, achieving gold medalist status for Team USA’s diving team. She is a three-time Olympian and the first woman to hold three major diving titles.

Prior to her athletic success, Laura’s hometown had been in the Houston area since she was born. She attended Klein High School and made the nationals the year after leaving her school’s diving team. She has since earned her bachelor’s degree in public relations from the University of Austin.

She has been a strong advocate for people with eating disorders, telling of the struggles people face, especially within the swimming community. Laura Wilkinson inspires those with ambition to strive for their goals and overcome fear in the hope of challenge and hard work. Currently, she resides at The Woodlands, retired from active competition.

Danny Amendola
If you are a football fan, you will be interested to know that Danny Amendola was not only born but also raised in The Woodlands. A student at Woodlands High School, he later played for Texas Tech and majored in communications.

This NFL wide receiver took 26 touchdowns and appeared in three Super Bowls. He played for the Patriots for almost five years for thirteen seasons, and also played for the Los Angeles Rams, Miami Dolphins, and Detroit Lions.

Still active in the community, he visited his old school at a pep rally (along with two former Highlanders footballers, Larry Izzo and Lee Johnson) to celebrate and show his support for the school. As of 2022, Amendola retired from the game.

Chamillionaire / Hakeem Seriki
This one might shock you, but if you knew about music in the early 2000s, you’d be familiar with the words, They see me roll, they hate. Chamillionaire, Hakeem Seriki, was born in Washington DC and moved to Houston when he was four years old. He pursued a career as a rapper and songwriter, also becoming an entrepreneur based on his investments.

He attended high school in Jersey Village and became the CEO of his label “Chamillitary”. Throughout his career he has released several albums and still has a stronghold in bringing hip hop music to Texas.

Hakeem has lived in The Woodlands, but owns several properties elsewhere. While here, he lived in one of the luxury homes in the Carlton Woods community. To date, he is researching tactical business plans and has a family and a wife.

Chad Hendrick
In the world of running, everyone improves at a constant rate. Chad Hendrick is no different. Considered one of the people who marked the world of speed skating, he developed the technique used by many today, known as the double push. He has won over 50 world championships and set numerous world records, competing in the Olympics to win gold in 2006.

Born in Spring, he started skating before the age of two. Hendrick is known to have had a competitive spirit, being fiercely pushed around by coaches and his family. He thrived in his sport, deciding to become a speed skater, even after excelling in hockey – and in an on-ice world. His life was spent on the ice until his victory as a silver medalist at the 2010 Games.

Since then, he has been passionate about real estate and business, rolling around with the slogan “Gold for sale”. He is now based in The Woodlands, but continues to work in the Houston area. He has two younger children who are just as motivated as he is and who hope to play soccer when they grow up.

Paul Goldschmidt
To everyone who supports the St. Louis Cardinals, a big name baseball player should hit home. MLB player Paul Goldschmidt was born in Delaware but moved to Texas at some point in his childhood. He attended Woodlands High School and soon after was recruited to play college.

It was on a draft that he was selected in 2006 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Moreover, during his career he has garnered a lot of recognition for his games – signing with the Cardinals in 2018. As of 2022, his current goal is to become a three-time crown winner – something the NL n haven’t seen for 85 years.

He hopes to lead his league in batting averages, home runs and batting – all in the same season. He has a wife and children, all of whom are supportive family members.

* * *

The talent in the Woodlands extends far beyond the so-called “bubble” of Montgomery County. As elders return to visit and athletes bring back rewards, examples have been made by many people here every day. Leading by example, hard work and dedication, all of the above have been paragons in their efforts to succeed.

Here at Woodlands Online, we hope this list of Woodlands celebrities is just the first of a long list – who do you know who could be added to other spotlights?

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