Amazon Prime’s Rings of Power has one big failure: It doesn’t understand hobbits

Now that another episode of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power was released on Amazon Prime, we saw Harfoots, one of the three races of hobbits on Middle-earth alongside Stoors and Fallohides, across six episodes. For the uninitiated, a bit of background: Harfoots are a variety of hobbits known for their slightly darker … Read more

From Kate to Meghan: How the Royal family paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II with their jewellery, outfits at her state funeral

Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral was held at Westminster Abbey in London last night, attended by members of the Royal Family and around 200 guests. For the event, the women of the royal family bore silent tributes to Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and graced her with their attire and jewellery. Symbolic dresses, brooches, necklaces and earrings … Read more

Indian sand artists pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, netizens divided

Earlier this week, Thursday, the Britain’s oldest monarch died at the age of 96. World leaders and celebrities have expressed their condolences on the Queen’s passing. Popular sand artists from India Sudarsan Pattnaik and Manas Sahoo made sand sculptures of Queen Elizabeth on Friday. While tweeting a photo of her latest creation, Pattnaik wrote, “A … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II: An inscrutable Monarch, endlessly scrutinized onstage and onscreen

She was the most opaque of celebrities, a silent movie star who somehow thrived in a TikTok world. If no one except her closest friends and family knew what Queen Elizabeth II really looked like, that’s exactly what she wanted. Her royal reserve, her impassive expressions, her resistance to personal revelation – all this made … Read more