The Awful Reason Hideo Kojima Is Trending

The Awful Reason Hideo Kojima Is Trending

After the assassination, photos of the alleged shooter became publicly available. The internet being what it is, some decided to make jokes about the incident. Among the jokes were comments that the assassin looked like Hideo Kojima. Unfortunately, these comments did not remain isolated on Internet forums.

As Zack Zwiezen To Kotaku reported, right-wing French politician Damien Rieu took to the English-language tweets and retweeted photos of Kojima with a caption that read “The far left is killing.” Photos he tweeted include Kojima posing with a photo of Che Guevara and Kojima wearing an ushanka hat with an emblem of the Soviet Union on it. Rieu’s aim appears to have been to smear the other side of the political spectrum by tying the left to the assassination. Right now, Bloomberg and the New York Post report that the assassin was not politically motivated and it is unclear whether Rieu understood Kojima-assassin’s tweets to be jokes. He has since deleted the tweet, but not before being mocked for that.

Unfortunately, these tweets seem to have confused a Greek news station, which reported on the assassination. In its report, the station displayed those same photos of Kojima and, according to a translation provided to Kotaku, claimed the assassin “was passionate about Che Guevara.” This series of events currently has Kojima tendency on Twitter and has responsible Twitter journalists and locals trying to correct misinformation.

Kojima has yet to respond to these events or its connection to them. It remains to be seen if he will choose to respond or how long it will take for this story to die down.

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