The Legacy And Saver System Review – Horse Racing System

The Legacy and Saver System consists of two different systems from two different authors, two books combined together for maximum profit potential. This combination is available on Clickbank.

Let’s start with The Legacy.

The Legacy system has been in use since the 1970s and has consistently earned incredible sums of money for the designer and therefore those lucky enough to know it. Dave Simpson is the name of the systems analyst who designed the legacy. This system was kept secret and only a handful of people knew about it.

But now, Dave has gotten to that point where he wants to share his success secrets and make it available to the open masses. The legacy is proven by the UK racing press.

Dave Simpson’s method is a reliable and easy-to-follow way to bet on the outcome of horses. It does not require any experience or knowledge of horse racing, it can be learned from scratch.

The savings system:

The Saver system is a combination of the updated version of The legacy and a very intelligent personal system. A talented racing statistician recently discovered that combining the Legacy with your own system leads to astounding results. The combination of the legacy and saver system provides him with a steady stream of winners to level the stakes throughout the year.

The unique betting strategies and techniques that you can learn from this dual system are easy to understand and all that is required is to follow simple steps, there is nothing complicated about this system that anyone can use it.

The dual system is designed to place straight win bets and is based on old fashioned bets, there is no lay or dutching, the dual system works with both flat and national hunting, handicap or non handicap.

It takes about ten minutes to choose the selection of days from the Internet or from the competition station in a sports newspaper.

The legacy system can give you up to 3 selections per day on average and the saver system can add an average of another 1-3 solid bets per day.

The system is designed exclusively for horse racing in the UK, if you live outside the UK you can open an account with bookmakers offering UK racing odds and use the internet to make this system work, there are more details on this topic in the manual.

The Legacy is available on Clickbank with a 56 day 100% full refund if they don’t live up to the demands.

Keep in mind that this is not a recently unproven horse racing system, this system has a blue-chip pedigree that goes back 30 years and has consistently made substantial profits year after year for those who have known The Legacy System.

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