The Queen Died But What Happens To Her Corgis?

But the rest of the Independent’s story clarifies that the Queen just wanted to stop breeding corgis so she “wouldn’t leave any young dogs behind”.

Royal biographer Ingrid Seward says Newsweek she imagined the pets would go to the Queen’s children – most likely Prince Andrew, as he was the one who gave her the current set after the death of her husband, Prince Philip. If it’s not settled yet, can we suggest letting them sit for a while BuzzFeed Puppy Interview?

The Queen was so determined to give her pets the best possible care while she was alive that she brought her first corgi, Susan, with her on her honeymoon. There’s no way she’s asking to be buried alive with them, as a satire site Reducer joked – that wouldn’t be very glamorous.

Buckingham Palace has yet to return a request for comment on the pet rehousing plans, but in the meantime, enjoy some memes with varying levels of dark humor.

2022-09-10 14:13:35

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