The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases Series Finale – E! Online

Nicotero, executive producer and director of the finale, admitted he had no role in the announcement, saying, “We were a little surprised.”

But The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang defended the announcement and praised the team for crafting a thrilling finale, hinting that the characters will be put to the test in the final episodes. “Even if you [know] this person is going to survive, do you know exactly what choice they are going to make?” she explained to the outlet. “What psychic scars is this going to leave? Will they be horribly hurt? Will the people they care about face a terrible fate?”

And while Morgan said he was upset they messed up Negan and Maggie’s fate, he’s optimistic fans will still be surprised at how The Walking Dead ends. “There are still a few tricks up our sleeves,” he said. “As an audience, don’t think you know how this is going to turn out, because I guarantee you don’t.”

2022-09-10 21:54:24

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