These top celebrities have tried their own placenta, it is nectar for health

Kim Kardashian

Kim is the first celebrity to do so. He did this after the birth of his third child. He had posted “delicious placenta pills” on his social media. Kim said that after eating these pills, her world changed.

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Catherine Heigl

After giving birth to the third child, Katherine ate her placenta after turning it into pills and she was very happy about it.

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Hilary Duf

Actress Hilary Duff also ate her own placenta after giving birth to her second child. Hillary had said about it: “I have never eaten this delicious smoothie.

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january jones

Jainuari, 44, said her doula or midwife gave her tea, vitamins and placenta capsules. Januari said she was initially hesitant to eat her own placenta.

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Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi said she ate her placenta to avoid postpartum depression.

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The study also supports

A study published in claims that eating placenta can help reduce postpartum pain. This was demonstrated in the study carried out on rats. However, there is no scientific evidence that eating placenta has the same effect on humans.

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