Three teenagers thrive with their businesses at Cape Riverfront Market

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – Three lucky people thrived on a unique business opportunity at the Cape Riverfront Market in Cape Girardeau on Saturday.

These three people were assigned a booth at the riverside market event where they were able to sell their own products and meet customers.

This was made possible by a youth entrepreneurship grant through Old Town Cape. The winning teens received $250 each to help them start their business at the market.

The winners are Caitlyn Ernst with Scented Soylutions, Vita Galati with Goodies by Galati and Marcellis Taylor with Tofu Da Customizer.

We spoke with the winners there at the market. They say it’s a great opportunity that helps their business grow.

“It’s a very good opportunity,” Galati said. “I’m so lucky to just have this outlet of all these people who can just come and even see what I’m doing just for future reference. It’s really super.”

“It’s so great that these are opportunities for us because a lot of times we get turned down because we’re too young, we don’t understand, we’re not taken seriously,” Ernst said. “It’s just great that the small town, the community with it and how they give us so many opportunities to be able to work and do whatever we want and that’s to grow our businesses.”

They also said that many customers came to buy their products.

“It’s good,” Taylor said. “People are friendly and kind, business is good and sells well.”

“It brings me so much joy every time someone turns the lid on that candle and they’re like, ‘Oh my God. That smells amazing.'” Ernst said. “I just put a lot of hard work into it and just the fact that they like the product that I created.”

It is a business they prepared for even in their youth.

“I’ve always been drawn to cooking since I was little,” Galati said. “I grew up always being in the kitchen to help and just being around food in general.”

Interacting with hundreds of people throughout the day is a great way to get exposure for future business opportunities.

“People take my business cards, go to my social media, tell people and it’s just a really good feeling to know that you’re selling stuff and getting your name out there more,” Taylor said.

The grant money was provided by Send-A-Friend.


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