#trending: ‘Singaporean rice’ made with ketchup and mayo draws ire of Singaporean netizens

#trending: ‘Singaporean rice’ made with ketchup and mayo draws ire of Singaporean netizens

SINGAPORE – Just more than a week away from National Day, the culinary pride of some Singaporeans was offended by an online post featuring a dish called “Singaporean rice” that included ketchup, mayonnaise, rice, noodles and a hodgepodge of other ingredients.

On Sunday, July 31, a Reddit user named “u/best-mango-YT”, who does not appear to be Singaporean or live here, started a thread titled Homemade Singaporean Rice! on the dish, which seems to have its origins in Pakistan.

The post, along with a photo of the homemade Singaporean rice dish, sparked a storm of reactions ranging from shock to horror, outrage and amusement.

On Monday, the post on r/Rice, a forum for rice lovers to discuss rice and post pictures of rice dishes, had received 55% downvotes from Redditors.

The recipe from Pakistan’s recipe website, Food Fusion, is a mixture of stir-fried vegetables, egg noodles and white rice, topped with chicken with ketchup and mayonnaise.

The recipe also suggested “hot sauce, ketchup and a little water” to add to the ginger garlic chicken sauce.

To assemble the multi-layered dish, a layer of rice is added to a “layer of stir-fried vegetables with noodles” and completed with a “third layer of chicken sauce”. The dish is garnished with a mixture of mayonnaise, ketchup and hot sauce, fried garlic and green chili.


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