Two Castlevania Characters Join The Fight In Brawlhalla Next Month

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may have completed its development cycle, but there are still a number of other brawlers on the Nintendo Switch that receive regular updates. One of them happens to be the Ubisoft Brawlhalla title.

So far we’ve seen characters like Rayman, Ryu from Street Fighter and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider join the battle, and now it’s time for Simon Belmont and Alucard from Konami’s Castlevania series to step in. These two characters will be playable from October 19.

Surprisingly, this isn’t Simon Belmont’s first fighter. He has participated in several, including the Smash series. Brawlhalla is available now on the Nintendo Switch and is free to download via the eShop. What do you think of the latest Brawlhalla fighters? Leave a comment below.


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