Unsealed court documents show compromising texts between Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson

Unsealed court documents show compromising texts between Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson

Johnny Depp continues to make headlines almost daily even after winning his lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard several weeks ago.

Now after the news that supposedly Depp’s fans paid $3,000 to unseal court documents from the case, in an effort to gather more damning information about Understoodbut some of by Johnny Depp skeletons seem to come out of the closet.

What happened between Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson?

SMS between Johnny Depp and Marilyn Mansonwho was born Brian Warnerhave surfaced know that the court documents have been unsealed.

In a text from 2016, Manson would have written to Depp to apparently tell her about the issues he was having with his partner.

“I have an amber 2.0”

Depp’s first alleged message arrives a few weeks later, leaving Manson know he was about to cross Canada-US borderand assuring that he would soon be in prison.

Several alleged text messages from Manson pass and Depp’s the next answer is one that has many fans wondering what he meant by them.

“Coming in and in and out!!! X. Loving Jew, my brother!!! I woke up to two beautiful photos of a man who seemed to capture more than my attention… Thank you for remembering… tokens keep my heart warm while you’re gone I miss you bro!!!We’ll be exchanging precious body fluids!!!DON’T TAKE SHIT!!!The most important thing is to stay calm and don’t give him that she wants, which is, TO MAKE YOU SCREAM, WITHDRAW AND FEED HER NARCISSISM!!!”

The same text continues.

“Trust me…I’ve read a LOT of material on this and sociopathic behavior…It’s fucking true bro!!! My ex-asshole is a fucking MANUEL!!! I Should’ve read that shit sooner!!! They’re taking me on stage now…Hit me when you can…Big gay love…Zippy, the Pinhead”

At another time Manson would have texted Depp about potentially sleeping at his place.

“Hey. Are you up? I might need to crash with you if I can.

He would then have added in a separate text.

“I’m coming to the F*ck pad tonight. Tight pants”

Manson then allegedly sent a third consecutive message to Depp the following day.

“Heyo. I’m going to spank you. I had a huge dramatic exodus. But I’m fine. I can’t sleep. Just wanted to hear from my non-gay boy.

Depp would have replied five days later and their conversation continued for several text messages, before Depp stopped responding and Manson reportedly continued to send messages over the following months.

Why were these text messages rejected from the trial?

We now know that Depp’s the legal team fought hard to get the court to exclude any “reference and evidence regarding Marilyn Manson“, as they felt it would make their client feel guilty by association.

The court eventually accepted and granted their request, so everything was redacted.


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