VTubers like Kuzuha and Kanae are trending as male creators continue to dominate the streaming industry

VTubers like Kuzuha and Kanae are trending as male creators continue to dominate the streaming industry

The latest data strip from the streaming industry confirms a truth that many creators already knew: if you want to become a star on a platform like Tic Where YouTube Gamesit helps to be a man.

According to a new report from Flux Hatchet, 99 of the top 100 streamers are male. The only woman to crack this ranking was Kaitlyn Siragusawho attracted 5.7 million followers on Twitch with the alluring streams on her Amouranth channel. Stream Hatchet’s findings confirm opinions expressed by streamers of all genres. Earlier this year, popular creator Mizkif suggested that women find it easier to date on Twitch, but they end up hitting a “glass ceiling” that limits the growth of their channels.

The male-dominated nature of the upper echelon of the streaming industry is only growing. The month of June 2022 Stream Status report published by Flow Elementsreveals that men are breaking into a sub-community that was previously dominated by women: V-tubes. According to the latest data provided by Rainmaker.ggtwo male VTubers — Kuzuha and Kanae – ranked among the ten most-watched personalities on YouTube Gaming. The best-known VTubers in the West are creators like Ironmouse and CodeMikothis shift in viewer attention is therefore noticeable.

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The prevalence of VTubers on YouTube Gaming isn’t the only difference between this community and the one on Twitch. The types of games streamers prefer seem to vary from platform to platform. On Twitch, esports-oriented titles like League of Legends, Valorant, and Counter-Strike all ranked in the top five of StreamElements’ latest most-watched games list. Meanwhile, mobile games are more popular on YouTube Gaming. In June, only Minecraft has been watched over Garena Free Firea popular mobile battle royale game.

“Looking at games, creators, and strategy, it’s clear that YouTube and Twitch differ in their appeal and approach to the live-streaming community,” said StreamElements’ chief commercial officer. Jason Krebs in a report. “YouTube’s top 10 games rely more on mobile titles while their creators VTuber have risen to the top much faster, and while Twitch hasn’t made many acquisitions of headline-grabbing creators in a YouTube has maintained a steady cadence of talent captures for quite some time.”

One of these headlines made a particularly strong impression. As seen in the table above, the Brazilian designer nobru was the second most-watched streamer on YouTube Gaming in the month he signed an exclusive deal with the platform.


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