We Now Know Who Is Getting Queen Elizabeth II’s Corgis — & It’s a Controversial Decision

After much speculation (and plenty of dark memes), we finally have an answer as to what will happen to Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved corgis – and it’s not exactly the news that many royal supporters were hoping for.

Per People, a close royal source confirmed that “The corgis will return to live at the Royal Lodge with the Duke and Duchess. It was the Duchess who found the puppies, which were presented to Her Majesty by the Duke. That’s right, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are now caring for the late Queen’s dogs.

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The close source added that Fergie “bonded with Her Majesty to walk her dog and ride horses and even after her divorce she would continue her great friendship with Her Majesty, walking the dogs in Frogmore and chatting.”

Despite their divorce over 25 years ago, Fergie and Andrew still live together in their family home at Royal Lodge. While people still adore Fergie and her spunky attitude, many are furious that the dogs are in Andrew’s care. Andrew was accused of child sexual abuse, despite his constant denial. Andrew recently agreed to an out-of-court settlement and to pay an undisclosed sum to Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s charity choice. Giuffre alleged he raped her after she was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

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When Twitter found out they were getting the dogs (specifically Andrew), people went crazy. A Twitter user wrote: ‘I was worried the Queens Corgis would be dropped off and buried with her, then I found out they were going to Prince Andrew’s and the joke writes itself.’ Another added“Not the corgis that go to Prince Andrew’s.”

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Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

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