Wendy Williams ‘isn’t living in reality’ & ‘often forgets who she’s speaking to’ as manager denies star is married

Wendy Williams 'isn't living in reality' & 'often forgets who she's speaking to' as manager denies star is married

WENDY Williams ‘doesn’t live in reality’ and ‘often forgets who she’s talking to’ as the troubled star has said she’s married – but her manager has denied it.

A source close to the former daytime talk show diva wendy williams said exclusively The American Sun this Wendy pretends she’s married while those close to her say it just doesn’t ‘shows you how close she’s come to the edge of reality’.


Sources claim Wendy Williams has memory issues and doesn’t live in realityCredit: Splash
Wendy was in a New York store next to a glass of champagne and appeared passed out later this week


Wendy was in a New York store next to a glass of champagne and appeared passed out later this week1 credit

“Everyone around her knows she made it through,” the source added.

More worryingly, several sources revealed to The Sun that the 58-year-old former animator often forgets who she is talking to during conversations.

“You can be on the phone with her, and she’ll ask who she’s talking to. It happens to everyone around her,” a worried insider said.

Another source said forgetting doesn’t just happen with new people in his life, but also with friends who Wendy known for years.

Wendy's fans shocked after she appeared passed out next to champagne in New York store
Wendy Williams insists she's MARRIED but manager claims host

Wendy’s manager, Will Selby, claimed Wendy never forgot him specifically, and added that he had to “refresh her memory on who people are on occasion, but she never totally forgot. who is someone”.


Earlier this week, Will reaffirmed that his client was not married, despite recording phone call with Jason Lee at Hollywood Unlockedin which she insisted that she is.

Wendy’s friends and family have repeatedly voiced their concerns for the old TV the star’s well-being over the past few months to The US Sun.

His new manager and longtime friend, however, claimed that although his client is not 100% herself these dayshe suggested she was simply going through a rough patch.

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“Maybe it’s something she wants to do? So it might make her life seem not so bad?” Will speculated.

“She’s just been through a lot. She lost her mother. She lost her show. She lost her son in college. So she’s only suffered losses for the past few months.

“So she’s desperate for a win. And sometimes when you get desperate, you know, you say stupid things.”


In January, insiders close to Wendy were expressing their concerns to The Sun about the star’s memory issues.

An insider who was close to The Wendy Williams Show told The Sun at the time: “The spark is gone. This Wendy, who for ten years had that twinkle in her eye, that cheeky smile and that little wink isn’t the same now.

Even more heartbreaking, the source added, she doesn’t always recognize people she’s known for years.

“There are people Wendy knows – who have worked closely with her – and there are days when she has no idea who they are.”

A second source close to Wendy’s family told The Sun at the time: “She’s having trouble carrying on a conversation.”


On Tuesday, the former talk show host spooked fans when she appeared to be passed out next to a glass of champagne at the Louis Vuitton store in New York.

In a Video clip obtained by The Sun and first published by City gossipthe old daytime tv queen appeared in the window of the luxury fashion store in SoHo.

Wendy was lying on a bed, her legs crossed and her eyes closed with what appeared to be a champagne glass filled to the brim on the floor beside her.


Tommy Williams recently took to YouTube live to dump his famous sister late last month, telling her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.21, came from Florida to see his mother at her Apartment in New York for his birthday.

“Her son is up there to spend what could be a monumental time with his mother, which is if she opens the door,” Tommy said of Kevin Jr., who was presumably at the outside Wendy’s apartment and was not allowed to enter.

Wendy’s manager, however, told The Sun that Kevin Jr. surprised his mother on her birthday with her visit and was included in the celebrations.

The younger brother also took issue with the interviews Wendy has given recently, particularly an unsuitable interview, in which she repeatedly said she wanted to “fuck off”.

“She talks about how much she wants to fuck, how much she wants someone to fuck her. She has a son, she has a 91-year-old father, she has a mother who looks down on her,” he said. claims.

Tommy also targeted all the men currently in Wendy’s life, outside of her family, and questioned their motives.

“Apart from me, apart from his son, it’s the men in his life right now, it’s the men in his life who really care.

“There’s a lot of men, a lot of people out there, there’s a lot of people that I guess she would like to be involved with and everything, but who will be there when it counts?” Tommy applied.


Several people in Wendy’s circle took issue with the interviews Wendy has done in recent months, including the NSFW video where she repeatedly told a reporter she wanted to fuck off, one where she released a swollen foot during a live shotand another widely absurd interview with Fat Joe on his YouTube.

An insider previously told The Sun: “These interviews are just heartbreaking and she still doesn’t have a podcast deal. Most of the big companies are dead, they don’t want her drama and no one believes she’ll do the job. work daily.”

A second source close to Wendy also took issue with her recent interviews while questioning her potential podcast project.

“There is no date for when this podcast is supposed to happen.

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“I don’t see her being able to put on a podcast. It’s weird that she even gets sidelined for these interviews.

“They’re disturbing. It’s just becoming clearer that she’s not ready,” the insider concluded.

Earlier this week Wendy was pictured apparently passed out in a New York store


Earlier this week Wendy was pictured apparently passed out in a New York storeCredit: Instagram/GosspOfTheCityTea
In a recent interview, Wendy repeatedly told a reporter that she wanted


In a recent interview, Wendy repeatedly told a reporter that she wanted to “fuck off”Credit: Page 6

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