What’s trending today: July 19, 2022

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A look at some of the top headlines trending online today, including War in Ukraine, Extra Panel Hearings on January 6, Heat Wave in Europe and more.

Best Stories

Two Trump White House officials are scheduled to testify at the January 6 prime-time hearing on Thursday (NBC)

Police applaud armed citizen who killed 20-year-old Indiana mall shooter (ABC)

Buffalo mass shooting suspect pleads not guilty to federal hate and firearms charges (Reuters)

Parkland High School shooter’s sentencing trial begins in Florida (WSJ)

Russia hits Ukraine as Putin holds talks in Tehran (PA)

Coronavirus News

With a sniff or a swallow, new vaccines aim to curb the spread of Covid-19 (CNN)

A relentless pandemic casts a shadow over the global economy (SCS)

The scars of COVID linger for the sickest survivors, their families (PA)

Carnival sets new Covid rules and Royal Caribbean cancels sailings (The street)

Second half of 2021 sees 1st surge in births since pandemic: CDC (ABC)

Other trending titles

‘Heat apocalypse’: Europe in the grip of a record heat wave (AlJazeera)

Juan Soto dominates Julio Rodriguez on the final lap to win the Home Run Derby (New York Post)

Kristin Smart’s body is still missing, but a longtime suspect and her father are on trial (People)

Freeze-dried blueberries sold nationwide recalled due to lead concerns (SCS)

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