What’s trending today: July 20, 2022

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A look at some of the top headlines trending online today, including War in Ukraine, January 6th Panel, High Temperatures Around the World and more.

Top stories

House passes same-sex marriage bill in response to high court (PA)

16 GOP voters named as ‘targets’ in Georgia election criminal investigation (Axios)

The Secret Service confirms that the text messages related to January 6 were deleted even though the panel and the watchdog searched for them (SCS)

Uvalde’s shooter showed “almost all the warning signs”, says an expert (ABC)

Grim warnings are being issued as the searing US heat wave shows no signs of abating (CNN)

The White House could declare a climate emergency as early as Wednesday (The hill)

The White House says that Russia is preparing the ground to annex Ukrainian territory (Reuters)

Coronavirus News

CDC approves more traditional Novavax COVID vaccine for adults (AP)

CDC stops monitoring COVID-19 cases on cruise ships (SCS)

Many unvaccinated first responders are wary of the vaccine, study finds (ABC)

Other trending titles

The Mega Millions jackpot is $630 million (New York Post)

2022 MLB All-Star Game – Best Moments, Takeaways from American League Victory (ESPN)

Officials say there were no injuries after the transformer caught fire at the Hoover Dam (PA)

The Webb Telescope suffered “incorrigible damage” in a micrometeoroid hit, according to a NASA report (The hill)

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