When Does Prince Charles Become King?

Prince Charles is now the king. On the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth, now aged 96, Charles immediately ascended the throne, in accordance with British succession. Just as Queen Elizabeth became a monarch the moment her father King George VI died, King Charles also immediately assumed the role of British monarch.

Over the past year, Charles had taken on increased responsibilities on behalf of his ailing mother. In May he opened parliament for the first time and replaced her at the Easter Holy Service, Remembrance Sunday and Commonwealth Day Service.

Like his mother, Charles will have to decide what his royal name will be. Elizabeth has decided to use her birth name, and Charles will likely follow suit. The BBC reported that Charles will be officially known as King Charles III. It is not yet known when Charles’ coronation will take place.

King Charles was the longest serving Prince of Wales in British history. There is no automatic succession to the title, so his heir apparent – his eldest son Prince William – must be created Prince of Wales. However, it is likely that Prince William will become Prince of Wales and Kate Middleton will become Princess of Wales, the famous title held by William’s mother, Princess Diana.

Earlier this summer, during the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s trip to Cardiff, Wales, during Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, a royal fan told Kate: “You’re going to make a brilliant princess of Wales.” Kate replied, “That’s very sweet. I’m in good hands,” pointing to her husband.

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