Which celebrities are behind the mask?

The Masked Dancer has a new cast of mystery celebrities. (IVT)

The Masked DancerITV’s second episode survived ITV’s program reshuffle in the wake of the Queen’s death, giving viewers a chance to see the remaining celebrities from season two rock their thing on the dance floor.

It gave viewers a series of clues as to who might be hiding inside the onomatopoeia, tomato sauce, sea slug, cactus, pearly king, and pig.

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The contestant with the fewest votes from each pair was placed in the bottom three who were in danger of being unmasked – with Pearly King, Pig and Cactus battling it out for the judges’ votes before Pig was unmasked.

Social media was buzzing with speculation about which stars might be dressing up in crazy costumes this year.

The Masked Dancer stars Joel Dommett, Peter Crouch, Davina McCall, Oti Mabuse and Jonathan Ross.  (IVT)

The Masked Dancer stars Joel Dommett, Peter Crouch, Davina McCall, Oti Mabuse and Jonathan Ross. (IVT)

And judges Davina McCall, Oti Mabuse, Jonathan Ross and former footballer Peter Crouch – replacing Mo Gilligan in this series – also had their own ideas.

After episode two, here are the best guesses for The Masked Dancer competitors so far.

Who’s behind the mask? All the best guesses for The Masked Dancer 2022

Pig – Unmasked as Joanna Page

The pigs’ clues were all about country and sporting achievement, but the panel didn’t even know what gender they might be. They made several racing references and wore driving gloves – leading Jonathan Ross to guess the former Top of the line host Richard Hammond and actress Sandi Toksvig.

Peter Crouch guessed jockey Frankie Dettori, while Davina McCall guessed the dancer was athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill. And Oti Mabuse took the country cues to mean she was Country file’s Anita Rani.

  • Frankie Dettori

  • Claire Bald

  • Victoria Pendleton

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pearly king

Pearly King has said he has strong ties to the East End with many references to cockney rhyming slang and playing a part – convincing many that he is a EastEnders actor. The letters DD were repeatedly shown as part of the warehouse – convincing many that he was Danny Dyer. But Pearly King said her biggest clue was her mane.

And he said, “The panel’s guesses are dire.”

  • Danny Dyer

  • Shane Ritchie

  • Jake Wood


Masked Dancer Onomatopoeia

Masked Dancer Onomatopoeia

Onomatopée hinted that he was a boxer and had performed in stadiums in front of huge crowds. But they were also seen in a library and said they liked the words. Their Argentine tango impressed Oti Mabuse and implied they had previous dance experience.

The Onomatopoeia clue was: “My body is considered anatomically correct.”

  • Chris Eubank

  • Nicholas Adams

  • Thierry Henry

sea ​​slug

Like Pig, Sea Slug was also ambiguous in his high heel, and the judges were unsure if he was male or female. Jonathan Ross was convinced the arrows in a treasure chest pointed to One Direction’s Zayn Malik, but Oti Mabuse thought the treasure was a i am a celebrity clue and guess Fleur East.

Fashion turned out to be a big part of Sea Slug’s identity, but they also mentioned making a splash – the name of another ITV reality show about diving.

  • Gok Wan

  • Tom Daley

  • Flower East


Cactus’ clues were all about music and rock ‘n’ roll. The judges all noticed a Hall Of Fame sign in the background as well as a stack of guitar picks. And the dancer talked about performing in front of huge crowds, before performing surrounded by dancing peppers. Everyone thought he was a member of a boy band – but what band?

Cactus said, “Let’s hope I don’t get arrested anytime soon.”

  • Matt Willis (busted)

  • Danny Jones (McFly)

  • Ritchie Neville (5ive)

Tomato sauce

Masked Dancer Tomato Sauce

Masked Dancer Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce was all about cooking and food. She spoke of being “literally sassy” as well as being “a mealtime staple”. A flirty chef was foremost on everyone’s mind, or a judge on a cooking reality TV show. But when she started her routine at B*Witched’s That’s life it was Tomato Sauce’s incredible Irish dancing skills that left a lasting taste. Davina McCall watched whoever she was, she must have learned since she was a little girl – implying she was Irish.

  • Nigelle Lawson

  • Clodagh McKenna

  • Nadine Coyle

Astronaut – Unmasked as Jesse Metcalfe

masked dancer astronaut

masked dancer astronaut

The dancer talked about exploration and adventures, as well as being “a wise man” and flying, but a cheese platter also featured in his video.

The astronaut said: “You may have heard of me by the same name more than once.”

  • Professor Brian Cox

  • Alex James

  • Bear Gryll


Masked Dancer Candle Holder

Masked Dancer Candle Holder

Candlestick talked about holding court, “winning but losing”, and asked “do you have lemon in your water or just ice?”.

They also said, “I’ve been through Tinseltown on my way to success.”

  • Judge Rob Rinder

  • Olly Walls

  • Keith Lemon


Masked Dancer Scissors

Masked Dancer Scissors

Scissors said she was described as a “funny girl” and “not the sharpest tool in the box”, while talking about touring.

She also said, “These voyeurs are feline like they could use forty winks.”

  • Kimberly Wyatt

  • Maya Jama

  • Amanda Holden

  • Ashley Robert

Strange socks

Masked Dancer Odd Socks

Masked Dancer Odd Socks

Odd Socks spoke of “showing up in a lot of surprising places” and said they were “warm and comfy”, with lots of soap references.

They also said they could “sniff out talent like a pair of stinky socks”.

  • Maisie Smith

  • Nadia Sawalha

  • Emma Willis

Shrimp cocktail

Masked Dancer Shrimp Cocktail

Masked Dancer Shrimp Cocktail

Prawn Cocktail refers to Tina Turner, Dolly Parton and Surprise Surprisealso speaking of being a “retro flavor”.

They said, “I have an insatiable appetite for success.”

  • Jessica Ennis Hill

  • Rebecca Adlington

  • Alison Steadman

pillar and post

Masked Dancer Pillar and Pole

Masked Dancer Pillar and Pole

The duo talked about taking different trips around the world to meet each other and were shown delivering a big check to a front door.

They also said they had “seen stars together”.

  • Rochelle and Marvin Humes

  • Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg

  • Frankie Poultney and David Seaman

The Masked Dancer continues next Saturday on ITV.

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