You probably missed the only reality show ever to feature a male masturbation competition

You probably missed the only reality show ever to feature a male masturbation competition

These guys are in a handful

Between the beasts on tiger king and the fail-tastic cooking abominations on Nailed it!, the onset of the COVID pandemic has left reality TV viewers with plenty of guilty pleasures to choose from. So much, in fact, that you may have missed the only show of this era that dared to go where no reality show had gone before, by including a masturbation contest in its very first episode.

labor of love made us wonder if the straights were okay again by featuring Kristy Katzmann, a 41-year-old bachelorette who got to choose which of 15 men would win her heart and the honor of impregnating her.

Accompanied by sex and the cityby Kristin Davis, Katzmann greeted the men in the show’s May 2020 premiere episode. Waiters then handed each man a cup and Katzmann announced that she wanted a semen sample from each to prove they could actually be fathers.

“I didn’t see that coming, no pun intended,” said one of the contestants, Matt Kaye.

It might seem a little premature to ask a guy to fill a cup on the first date, but Katzmann’s biological clock is ticking and she wants a bun in the oven – hey, no judgment, gurl! You do you.

The men – a nice stable of guys in their late 30s or early 40s, all dressed in the kind of casual suits you’d wear to an Easter brunch – each entered an individual private booth to perform. A gay version of the show would have ditched the booths altogether.

“The fact that all these guys were willing to take this test in front of me? I’m pretty confident they’re here for the right reasons,” Katzmann said, which is…certainly one way of looking at it.

Once each man was “done”, they emerged slightly pissed off to cheers and applause from their fellow competitors. One guy jokingly told a recent finisher, “Hope you used hand sanitizer.”

As if that weren’t enough, one of the men, Alan Santini, actually received a trophy from Katzmann’s fertility specialist, Dr. Kaplan, for having the highest sperm count.

Cut to Marcus Lehman, an anesthesiologist and masturbation contest loser, who bitterly commented, “As a doctor, it takes a lot to have a child. More than your sperm count.

As the show goes on, Katzmann eliminates between two and three “papa-chelors” per episode. Hilariously, the show’s challenges seemed to reveal very little about whether men would actually make good fathers, according to the feminist culture site. Jezebel noted. One episode tested the reaction of men when a man in a bear costume walked behind Katzmann during a conversation around a campfire in the woods.

After filming wrapped, Katzmann dated the winner, Kyle Klinger, for a few months. But the couple separated and Katzmann chose to pursue in vitro fertilization on her own.

labor of love was officially canceled on September 8, 2021. Well, at least tiger king had a lackluster second season, right?

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