Zac Efron is Trending on Twitter and Everyone’s Wondering the Same Thing

Zac Efron is Trending on Twitter and Everyone's Wondering the Same Thing

Brace yourself, because Zac Efron is trending on Twitter…and not for the reason you might think.

Usually when the words “Zac” and “Efron” pop up on that right sidebar, it’s because the Lean, Mean Abs Machine has revealed an incredibly chiseled new physique for a movie role (did we forget his unseasoned chicken and spinach diet for Baywatch?)

But today we nerds have a reason to celebrate: Efron took time out of his busy schedule to post cottagecore content to return to the crime scene (aka Salt Lake East High, where the “High School Musical” original took place) as revealed on a recent IG post:

Clearly, this has the gays of Twitter in a frenzy.

Everyone’s wondering the same thing: is Zac coming back to “High School Musical” somehow? It’s possible.

It’s particularly intriguing to note that co-star Vanessa Hudgens has also made a comeback…which has tingles in our senses.

A “High School Musical 4” might be in the cards, but how will it interact with the show? Will it be an intergenerational tale bringing together the two casts? What’s going on?

Is the world, in fact, healing?

We don’t have any answers yet. But one Twitter user wisely and helpfully took the opportunity to remind us of another tender Hutchens/Efron moment: the time a fan asked for their (separately) help buying sex toys.

While “High School Music 4” is in the works, they’ve done a great job of keeping the project under wraps…until now.

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