Zoey Deutch Says Dylan O’Brien’s ‘Not Okay’ Character Is ‘Realistic’

Zoey Deutch Says Dylan O'Brien's 'Not Okay' Character Is 'Realistic'

  • “Not Okay” star Zoey Deutch spoke to Insider about Dylan O’Brien’s portrayal of a douchey influencer.
  • “I find it super realistic and not over the top at all,” Deutch said.
  • The actress said she’s definitely “met some people who are mirror images” of Colin’s character.

Zoey Deutch says “Not Okay” co-star Dylan O’Brien’s seemingly over-the-top portrayal of a fuckboy influencer is actually pretty accurate.

“It’s so funny,” said Deutch, who plays Danni Sanders in the satirical flick. Initiated Friday. “I find him super realistic and not over the top at all. I find him very fair and realistic. I’ve definitely met people who are mirror images of him.”

Dylan O'Brien as Colin in "Not good."

Dylan O’Brien as Colin in ‘No Deal’.


“Not Okay,” written and directed by Quinn Shephard, centers on a lonely, self-absorbed aspiring writer named Danni who works as a photo editor at a site called Depravity.

To boost his social media presence and impress Colin, a goofy character who goes by @weedboiiicolin on Instagram, Danni lies about going to Paris for a writers retreat.

When a series of terrorist attacks occur in Paris around the time Danni posts edited footage of herself in the City of Lights, she suddenly gets the online following – and Colin’s attention – whose she wants.

When the truth begins to come out, Danni is forced to face the consequences of being a con artist.

Zoey Deutch as Danni and Dylan O'Brien as Colin in "Not good."

Zoey Deutch as Danni and Dylan O’Brien as Colin in “Not Okay”.

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The film, released Friday on Hulu, marks Deutch and O’Brien’s second film in which they starred. Deutsch and the “Teen Wolfalum previously appeared in crime drama “The Outfit,” released earlier this year.

“He’s a fantastic actor and he’s so engaged and I love playing with him,” Deutch said. “We have very different processes and methods, but for some reason it really works.”

Shepard shared similar comments in an interview with Insider on Wednesday, calling O’Brien “a fantastic actor.”

The writer and director said they “instantly clicked” when they first met.

Dylan O'Brien as Colin and Zoey Deutch as Danni in "Not good."

Dylan O’Brien as Colin and Zoey Deutch as Danni in “Not Okay”.


“We talked a lot about his dog, but we also talked about Colin,” she said, adding that they “are in mutual agreement” that O’Brien’s character should have a blonde haircut.

“We just had a very similar worldview of who he was, who he needed to be in the movie, the character aesthetic, the kind of commitment to making him the highest, most satirical character in the whole thing. movie,” Shephard said.

“Even though he had never done a role like this, I knew he had tremendous comedic qualities and he’s also an amazing actor and a very smart person.”

“Not Okay” is now streaming on Hulu.

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